CL-HTTP History

This server was originally written in about ten days during February, 1994 on a Lisp Machine, and incrementally extended thereafter. In March 1994, it was incorporated into a larger system under development by the Intelligent Information Infrastructure Project at the AI lab. That larger system, called COMLINK, is an experimental prototype used to electronically publish documents released by the White House on a daily basis. In October 1994, the LispM CL-HTTP was fielded as a component of the White House WWW site. Late last fall, both COMLINK and CL-HTTP were used by the project in an experimental collaboration system which supported the Vice President's Open Meeting on the National Performance Review. One hope in porting CL-HTTP to other platforms is to make it easy for the Lisp Community to show off their abilities on the World Wide Web.

John C. Mallery --
M.I.T. Artificial Intelligence Laboratory